Fine Arts


*MUSIC- Choose from one of the following activities to do and turn in to Mrs. Murray when school resumes:
    1.  Choose either your favorite song or favorite Musician to write a paragraph about (3-5 sentences).  Questions to think about while writing:  Why do you like that song (or Musician)?  What is your favorite song that Musician sings?   How does that song make you feel?
    2.  Find things around your house to make an instrument out of (paper plates, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, dry beans, dry rice, beads, a box, rubber bands, etc...)
   3. Draw a picture of an instrument, music notes, someone dancing, or anything that you can think of related to music. 

*ART- choose from one of the following assignments to turn in to Mrs. Sweeney when school resumes:
    1. Create your own Artwork!  Paint or draw.  If you choose to do a 3-dimensional Artwork, just use objects found around your house.  
    2. Find a piece of Artwork around your house and write about it.  Describe it.  Then answer the following questions: Why do you like it?  How does it make you feel? 

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